Niente scherzi

Niente scherzi

Love spent e falling free non sono nella scaletta??!! Anatema!!

Più tardi… SPERO che la scaletta sia questa!!

Set List:

INTRO (Kalakan singing, gregorian music and religion scenes)
Girl Gone Wild (chained Madonna falls to the ground and start praying while the Material Girl dancers appear)
Gang Bang (Madonna turns bad and dangerous, she shoots her dancers)
Revolver (Mix by David Guetta, Lil Wayne in the backdrop)
Papa Dont Preach (Violin sound,and Madonna changes again)

BEST FRIEND (Interlude, Heartbeat mix)
Hung Up (2012 version, mix with Love Spent)
Love Spent (Acoustic version with kalakan)
I Dont Give A (Guitar)
Express Yourself (Slackiling; Electro version)
Give Me All Your Luvin (Special MDNA Remix)

JUSTIFY MY LOVE (Interlude- controversial video; will be awesome, be prepared)
Open Your Heart (Kalakan remix)
Masterpiece (Madonna in the middle of the stage, romantic backdrop)
Im Sinner (Mix with Cyberraga)
Vogue (Superbowl full version)

NOBODY KNOWS ME (Mega dance interlude)
Turn Up The Radio (album version)
Bedtime Story (2012 Version)
Like a Virgin (Madonna singing with a piano)
Some Girls (only girls in this number)
Im Addicted (Big Party on the stage)

Like a Prayer (Short version but unforgettable)
Everybody (dance mix with Holiday)
Celebration (Grand Closing)


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